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The Mission Department of New Nonconnah Missionary Baptist Church is to encourage each member to study the Bible daily and to seek divine guidance in order to be spiritual witnesses for our Savior Jesus Christ and the community.
Mass Choir

The mission is to do the will of God first and foremast.  It is to glorify our God and Savior Jesus Christ and to edify the church.  We as believers know that true Christianity beaks down all sorts of barriers in which these should not be any barriers to begin with.  Our main focus is to let our light so shineth that our good work can be seen by all mankind.
Children's Church

To help our children become established in the  FAITH, and to gain a firm belief in the TRUTH of the BIBLE; to lead them into personal relationship with CHRIST; to lay a solid foundation for early character development; to teach the beauty in all that GOD has made. 
Sunday School

To teach and train through sound doctrine promoting the Kingdom of God; strengthening believers and enabling non-believers to learn the word of God through a sound teaching ministry based solely on the Holy Scriptures.
Boy Scouts

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. 
Men's Fellowship

Our mission is to focus on the unique strengths, and opportunities that men have to influence their work, home and church environments. 
Trustee Broad

 Our mission is to faithfully care for and oversee all areas of the church property and ensure the safekeeping of all church records. 


The deacons exist to serve the people of the church by helping them with their needs, and helping them connect with Christ, each other and ministry.
Scholarship Ministry

The R.L. Jones and Geneva Bradley Scholoarship Ministry's mission is to provide financial support to high school graduates who plan to attend abtechnical school, two year or four year college or university.
Health Ministry

We endeavor to serve our members with resources that are designed to meet the needs of our members.  We pledge our lives to Christ and to demonstrate his spirit through home/hospital visitations and after hospital care as needed.  We will carry out our Church biblical commitment to care for our bodies and spirits by promoting good health.



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