Thought For the Week

" The eternal God is thy refuge" pt.2 Deut. 33:27

And so our hearts find rest in GOD, when, wearied with life's conflict,we turn to Him, and our soul dwells at ease. At home, also, we let our hearts loose; we are not afraid of being misunderstood, nor of our words being misconstrued. So when we are with GOD we can commune freely with Him, laying open all our hidden desires; for if the "secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him"  the secrets of them that fear Him ought to be, and must be, with their Lord. Home, too, is the place of our truest and purest happiness; and it is in GOD that our hearts find their deepest delight.  We have joy in Him which far surpasses all other joy. It is also for home that we work and labour.